Monday, August 12, 2013

I have become a Proud Father

I have become a father: 
Blessed with precious gift - Prince...
Close to 3.56PM on 10th Aug 2013 , I have become a proud father, blessed with a boy.

I have begun my New journey after day. At the office & to Friends, whoever heard the news congratulated me and I felt great.

It was 9th Aug, 2013, Friday. I use to avoid Travel to Bhavnagar on friday, My "Sasural". I do not know why I travelled o that day. I booked ticket on 3PM for 6PM journey. I caught bus at 5.45. I reached sasural at 10.45PM quite a late. I had a dinner at 11.30PM. I talked with my wife-Disha & to be baby for a while. I said to my baby that i waited a much for you, please be in my hand soon. I wondered whether she heard or what but it happened at 3.30AM, when my wife started complaints about fluid flow. I ignored & said get sleep & dont think about it. she didnt sleep & cried by saying some thing is happening strange in my stomach. I ignored again. I got good sleep. At 6, Mitra, my sister in law, came to me and said we are going to maternity home. I shocked with saying what time is it. she said 6, we called Doctor, doctor said come in urgent. I get up, wore a shirt, started running down to disha. She said " what discussion you had with our baby, she took seriously".

We went to clinic, got her admitted. Doctor said technically matter with my Sasu. I stayed with my wife till she finally taken for delivery.

Normal Delivery was a big scare for me, Due to a early knowing of bi-cornet uterus in 4D sonography. I kept having terrible tension with my thinking during the delivery. At 3.56, Doctor came out, congratulated us by saying you have a Baby Boy. Both are fine. Disha had to do some post delivery treatment. Thats it. 

Newborn was in the doctor's hand due to premature birth. At four in the evening, when all were allowed to see, I saw them from outside window for the first time. I could hardly discern anything but his little face. I choose to wait patiently. Aware that he is going to grow up to become fine.

However when you have baby in your Hand, all discomfort disappear. You are at the height of happiness.  

Tanmay Vora

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