Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Man’s 25 Rules of Style

1. Get to know your tailor. No matter what you wear, he can make it look better.

Hackett London, fall/winter 2014

2. A suit jacket or sports coat should fit like a glove. Once buttoned, you should be able to slide a palm between your chest and the coat. Anything more, and the jacket is too big.

3. A tie should hit you at the belt buckle. Never higher or lower.

4. Your tie should never be wider than your lapel. 
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig in Tom Ford

5. Pocket squares are a great addition to any suit. Just remember it should never match your tie, only complement it.
J. Crew

6. You should always see some of your shirt cuff once your sleeve ends. A quarter to a half-inch is plenty.

7. Suit pants should never pool at your shoes. They should have about a one-inch break.

8. A bulky wallet doesn’t make you look rich. Only carry the necessities: your ID, a credit card, and a few small bills.

9. When wearing leather shoes, your belt should always match. Brown with brown and black with black.

10. Dress shoes are a staple in any mans closet. Invest in a quality pair.

11. Keep your shoes clean and polished. Nothing looks worse than scuffed and faded toes.

12. You should never wear square-toed shoes. NEVER.

13. Jeans should distress on their own. Never buy them that way.
Robert Redford

14. Never wear a belt and suspenders. Only one or the other.

15. Flip flops are for the beach only.

16. A plain black or white T-shirt never goes out of style.

17. Never button the bottom button of your jacket. You don’t want to look like a bellboy.
Canali, fall/winter 2014

18. Pleats are not flattering. Stick to flat-front pants.
Hermes, fall/winter 2014

19. Socks are an extension of your personality. They don’t need to match your pants, but they should complement your whole outfit.

20. The basting stitches on the shoulders and the rear vents of your coat should be removed.

21. White socks are for the gym, not with a suit.

22. Lose the plastic watch. Invest in something refined and timeless.

23. Oversized watches are not flattering on anyone. Keep the dinner plates on the table.

24. It’s always best to show up overdressed rather than underdressed.

25. Follow your instincts, not the trends.
Steve McQueen

Illustrations by Bryan Mayes, bryanmayes.com

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